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            Printing machine

            Advertising machine

            Machine fittings



            Hot-sale product

            gendaoV8 print machine

            Human Digital E-jet V8 high precision digital printing machine.

            Kalos T-1803/TP-1803

            黑邁 KE-Jet超寬幅高精度熱升華寫真機

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            Corporate culture

            Enterprise aims: to provide global customers with digital printing overall solution

            Enterprise vision: we become the most professional digital printing equipment supply service provider

            Enterprise mission: to improve product quality, expand the market at home and abroad, to become the world's leading digital printing equipment suppliers

            Business philosophy: to create value for customers, to seek development for employees, to share responsibility for society

            Enterprise service concept: trusted team Trusty Team, trusted scheme Trusty Scheme, trusted product Trusty Product

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            News information






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            Contact us

          7. Hotline:18898546135
          8. Name:huang
          9. Company mailbox:hhc@hongink.cn?
          10. QQ:3599218993
          11. WeChat:18898546135
          12. Company address:Tianhe District Tianyuan road in Guangzhou city of Guangdong Province, No. 965
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